Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tactful Children

May I preface this story with these facts -
My husband drives a 1998 Contour. It is our second car. He uses it mainly for transportation back and forth to work, so the kids rarely ride in it. It has seen better days. My son is 9 and speaks his mind.

On the way to basketball practice in hubby's car -

Son - "Dad, on the way to school this morning I saw a sign that said "We Buy Junk Cars". Your car has a hole where the inside light used to be, the visor is broken off, You can't read the digital clock in the dark anymore, this car is falling apart!"
Hubs - "Son, I bet if you were 16 and this were your car you would appreciate it!"
Son - "I wouldn't drive this junk!"


  1. Haha! Love it. Definitely something to remember when he actually is 16 and then we'll just see what his car looks like! :-)

  2. Hubs - "You will drive this car!" lol